Wednesday, June 22, 2011


616.. haha.. kinda pity..
family helped me to celebrate. just cake~
friends~ not holiday session, not in secondary school, no friends bother by that.. im hoping its not true.. of coz its not.. just busy.. haha..
this year.. 0 present.. if i consider the cake as 1 present.. then 0+1 will be? simple math..
the day after the very big day.. went out for fast and furious 5 with mr pius. i dont think it was a celebration i guess.. we just wanted to eat carl's junior and watch fast and furious 5. haha
my birthday. my friend say i very pity.. yes i do~ but what can i do? gunpoint them to celebrate with me meh?? haha.. next year lo

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


today is the last day of holiday~ i did nothing during these 10 plus days. so you all can just call me jerk or anything~ worms, maggot~ anything..
i think the most productive thing i had done was i accompanied my family to singapore. why would i say im accompanying. its because that on my will, i dont want to go there. we stayed there for 24 hours then back to malaysia.. im not the one who is driving, still i want to say that it is tiring.
i think no many people will know that i updated my blog. because this blog was dead~ now it is still half dead~ just today i feel so boring so here i am, wrote some craps and just update them.
i am so lifeless nowadays. i dont make friends. i dont step out from my house. i rarely step out of sungai long~
lifeless huh~
never mind. i always talk to myself. thats why i play twitter. thats why i dont tell people about my blog. rarely talk about lar.. haha.. new life, old me.. no lar. old life old me. i never change.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


A2 starts from tomorrow ar!!!!
i know you can do very well in your exam~ because they are all in english!
although you won't be able to see this post at the moment, i still know you can feel the OHM..
God Bless You~ DUDE

Monday, May 9, 2011





post from the newer blog~ 5/1

baby post oh

last sunday, we went to glen eagles hospital to visit my cousin's wife. she was having baby there~ the picture above is her new born baby. while the bigger one is her sister~ haha.. my nieces. the new born baby hasnt got a name. her sister is 和婉怡.. then her sister should named as 和婉婷? this name sounds nice~
my 1st time to look at a new born baby. her birth date, 1/5/11, birth time, around 3am. haha. nice timing. when she is helding a party, we got no reason to say we have to work, because it is labour day! haha..

from right to left~ my cousin brother, his wife, my cousin sister1, my cousin sister2 and 和婉怡。。
my another niece.~ cousin sister2's daughter.. looking at her new born cousin~ hahaa.
another glance at my niece.. how old i can be.. cough cough
niece with her grandma~ (wai po).. my big uncle's wife..

kinda stress recently, feel so lonely, maybe i just checked the timetable and it tells me that 8th of august i will be having my 1st final paper.. gosh! approximately 3 months left for me to accomplish the 3points dunno what.. and my progress isnt on the right pace.. have to boost myself already i think~ hahaa

Sunday, May 8, 2011

guess i will just shift back to this blog bah~
losing faith on the recent one..
today is mother's day. i wish every mother in this world stays happy always~
and i always hope my mum to own what she wants from her children.
happy mother's day mum~

i never buy mum any flowers.
i never buy mum any presents.
i never take mum out for a good meal on the day.
i never pay for the meal that we had.
i never give what she wants from me.
i never do what she asks from me.

from now on, i will try my best to fulfill the promises that i made.
sorry mum~

Sunday, July 25, 2010